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Boteti Getaways

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Permaculture design and landscaping.

Building with mud + straw (cobbing).

Biodynamic preprations - happening throughout the year particularly at solstices.


Experience living simply.

Romantic yurts & treehouses on the Welsh borders where you can just be. 




Boteti Getaways is a rural retreat in Herefordshire, on the edge of the Black Mountains. We have hand built our own creative and humble yurts and treehouses for you to experience the joy of living more simply. 

Built from mud, straw, local wood and recycled materials, every detail is made with care.

A fireplace, a hot tub under the trees or copper bath in the bedroom, a comfortable bed from which you can see the stars, waking up to birdsong. We believe that you feel grounded, your outlook can expand.

Stay in one of our one-of-a-kind and secluded escapes for some time truly to yourself. 

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Bo! Teti means "Wow! Aunty" in a mixture of Ndebele and Setswana and is a cheeky reference to Bryony, AKA "Aunty Coconut", whose playful attitude has borne these projects.

The Boteti is also a river in Northern Botswana flowing from the the Okavango delta into the dry salt pans. It generates wonderful biological abundance and is a gathering place for wild animals (...particularly apt here at Boteti Getaways.)



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Tim Longden
Bryony Longden Boteti Getaways

Bryony and Tim Longden raised their three children on the edge of the Okavango Delta in Botswana in Africa.

Having been pilots, ostrich farmers, a librarian, a landscape gardener, a homeopath, a hotelier, and a conservationist between them, when they settled in the Herefordshire hills, something new began to take shape.


We built Mimi's Tree yurt together as a family and Boteti Getaways was born. We were soon building with mud, straw, stone and canvas and coming across all sorts of wacky and wonderful people along the way.

Our aim has always been to connect people with the land and the hidden beauty in plain sight.

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To us, it's an experience with heart ...about the things we need and not the things we think we want.

We hope you think Boteti Getaways is luxury. We build with local chestnut, oak and larch and ash and have sourced sustainable materials that we think are the utmost luxury... pure bamboo bedding and duvets, hand -beaten copper baths and every detail is hand-crafted with heart ...You may have you leave your hairdryer at home though!


Come and connect with the living world. 


Pitch a workshop, start a festival or bring friends and family around the fire and dance under the stars.

Learn to build with cob
Cob workshop

Our romantic retreats have gained a dedicated following, with a number of proposals on site and couples then returning for honeymoons and anniversaries.


The BOMA connects the earth, trees and sky, and brings people together for events which shouldn't be walled in.