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If you're interested in building your own escape, our team would love to lend our experience and imagination.

Bryony is our project manageress and creative starter.

Contact her to chat through your ideas and we would be happy to help your project come to life.

We've had a lot of help along the way and met some very inspiring people.

Here are some of the best.




Zane Dutton-Thompson

Zane is a boat builder and woodsman with a fantastic imagination and naughty sense of humour.

     Dale  Horton

Dale is a man of the trees who can knock up anything with wood in an hour or so. You'll be amazed.

     Mike Blaby 

Mr. Imagination himself, Mike has the passion and know-how to create the most innovative projects.



Rowland Stokes,

Bespoke Tents & Events

Will always leave too late because he has too many ideas to ever fit into a time-frame, Roly is the ideal creative partner. Dedicated, innovative and reliable, what he can't do with canvas we can't imagine.



(where we made Mimi's Tree Yurt

and got the whole thing started)

     Tobias Fairlove, Fairlove Yurts

This was a magical experience for all of us. We camped together in the Devon countryside, drank copious amounts of tea and learnt how to do everything ourselves - from choosing saplings to peeling and steam-bending them and designing the crown (bravo Pia) - all the while singing "from the ashes of disaster come the roses of success!'"



Jeremy Daffern, Roundhouse Yurts

He's just built the world's largest yurt  - "Yurtus Maximus" - and has everything you can think of to do with yurts, including delicious wine to wash down his advice with.

Gabriel and Jayne Henning, Castle Yurt

Gabriel and Jayne built Gabriel's Yurt for us and it couldn't have been a better experience.


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