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The BOMA is our space for group gatherings.


Meaning 'meeting place' in many African countries, our BOMA is an open space made of natural materials. Arching larch and chestnut poles frame views of the Black Mountains and the lush landscape.


the boma boteti getaways
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Open and expansive, it has a large open area with a beaten earth floor, a stage, a bar and a camp kitchen. The main area can host up to 90 people seated and 120 for a more informal event.

The kitchen is a flexible space with trestle tables, catering gas rings, storage shelves and washing up area. 

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We also have a either a 30 ft geodesic dome or yurt available to hire to provide extra space and cover for hot or wet weather.


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Little Zimbabwe is an area of informal funky seating, useful for hanging out, outdoor performances, fireside cooking and socialising.  


The slightly inward curving dry stone walls are accidentally reminiscent of the ruins at Great Zimbabwe. Cooking can be done in a cob oven on a spit or over a fire pit. And the view is panoramic.

There are flattened areas to pitch tents, a wood-fired outdoor shower, two composting loos, a urinal area, a basic obstacle course of balancing beams and a zip wire for children.


Send us an email at to plan your event.

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