"Sometimes you forget how to do nothing. To wake up to the sunrise and birds rather than an alarm. Placed well beyond our expectations.


Will be planning our next visit here soon... Magical!"


- Scott and Hannah, Bristol 

The Phoenix tree is a feat of creative engineering: called the Phoenix because we moved an oak tree 16 miles from the ancient orchard of a now deceased monastery, and resurrected it on our land.


Straw bale and cob half encircle the tree and form the oven, seating and walls of the living area, constructed with the help of volunteers. The dwelling features beautiful ironwork details. Caterpillar tracks form an iron staircase taking you up to the arms of the oak tree into the bedroom, under a clear bubble which lets you gaze at the night sky.


There is an outdoor hot tub and shower over a tiny brook and a barbecue area with platform looking out to the view. 

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