Learn to build anything with cob, the art of weaving, join us for a festival or pitch your own event!

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In Late April...  Wildflower planting day 

FREE. Come and help us seed wildflowers, legumes and grasses for biodiversity, encouraging bird and insect life.

Lunch provided! Register your interest by emailing Longden1@aol.com

Arrange a date for...  Cobbing workshop with Bryony Longden.


Learn how to build with mud and straw!

£25 a day, including lunch. Camping onsite available. 

Building with cob is something everyone can do and is an invaluable skill to learn, giving you the freedom to create whatever you would like at very little cost. Cob buildings continue to astound us at how durable they are, even in all extremes of Welsh weather.


On the workshop you'll learn about the materials and how to prepare them. The project you'll be working on is building a wall with circular windows and there will be scope for you to experiment on your own projects, such as building a cob pizza oven. 

Coming this spring...  Permaculture workshop 

Learn how to design and implement ecological systems that harness the potential of your land and limit waste.

More details coming soon...

May 22- 24          FESTINIOG

Our family festival, welcome to all! The theme this year is LUNACY... By the Light of the Moon. Celebrate like creatures of the night in hedonistic abandon at the BOMA. Onsite camping, cooking together and fireside dancing.

Dates coming..    Basket-making workshop with Frances Keenan.

Two day workshop, £120. For more information and booking click here.

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